Marvin Holen, OF COUNSEL: Marvin was admitted to practice in California in 1959 after getting his law degree from the UCLA School of Law. He had earlier got his undergraduate degree in political science, also from UCLA. He has had a spectacular professional career which has included serving on the boards of large publicly traded corporations, the Southern California Rapid Transit District (SCRTD, now the MTA) and banks. Significantly, he was involved in the creation of the Metro light rail system that now services the Greater Los Agneles area, and continues to work closely with various banks and companies in formulating their business strategy. In spite of a very busy professional life, he has also pursued his love for travel to remote and exotic destinations such as Mount Kailash in Tibet before China had opened its doors to the world and to Easter Island. He is a bibliophile who has a remarkable collection of books relating to the travels of early explorers of distant Himalayan regions. He continues a vigorous career advising clients.